Saturday, September 11, 2010

Rollin with my homies!

Well let's just say I am probably getting it all out of system now before Monday because oh my what a day today.  First I sleep in - what a great feeling that was.  I had all intentions of closing my pool today - did not get that done.  Cleaned a little..woohoo showing a little motivation and then it was time to get ready for some football.  My husband and I got ready for the Notre Dame/Michigan game and my girlfriend came over to watch with us.  I made some home made potato pancakes (oh how I will miss you for a while) and my husband made his pizza (oh dear Jesus it might take me three weeks to walk) and then we retired to the couch for a very disappointing Notre Dame loss. 

So our friend left all smiles as she is a Michigan fan....well it was either leave or we were going to throw her in the pool (just kidding we love her).  My husband and I figured to drown our sorrows we would treat ourselves to Rita's (Italian Ice - YUMMY).  I came home and was thinking about heading down the casino for a while to basically walk around but I figured I would post first - I was reading a few blogs and I was just realizing how much I can't wait to start Monday and to start logging about my journey.  Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend so far. Take Care & Love Ya!!!


  1. Hey, I've got an idea... why not "train" for Monday?? You have said that you are starting your journey Monday, which kind of sets you up for that feeling of "I've gotta eat this now cuz I won't get it again for awhile". That's what I got out of it anyway, when you said you wouldn't be seeing your favorite potato pancakes for awhile.

    I don't know what food strategy you are using, but on a lot of them you can eat anything, just not ALL of it all of the time, ya know?

    Anyway, since it's not a diet we go ON, then later go OFF (that is why we regain it all later) you can perhaps ease on into it tomorrow, and by Monday it won't be this big shock. Just good healthy choices in responsible portions.

    Your hubby sounds like a doll, by the way. A strong man who knows what he wants, and values a genuine woman. A keeper!


  2. Booooo on the loss but high fives to new journeys.

    Mixed weekend for me. Sunday is sucking.