Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Chewing The Fat

Ok so here it is my first attempt at blogging.  How am I doing so far?  Well I looking at trying to at least blog everyday and provide you all some in sight into my life - ok please don't leave - I know you are asking yourself why do I care?  Well how about we say you can watch the incredible shrinking woman (hey some people would pay money to see that at fairs and carnivals).  I hope to be the shrinking woman.  I am today going to start watching what I eat (and no I don't mean watch it go into my mouth) and (god help me for saying this) I am going to start working out.  Pictures will be posted soon of the starting look/weight.  Trust me I am Heavy and I am not trying to lose 5-10 pounds to fit in my skinny jeans....hell I am trying to fit into jeans.  I have The Firm DVD set which I will be working out to just to start and I will be walking on my treadmill (heck I might even dust off the old VHS Tae Bo tapes - but I'm not looking to die).  Well strap yourself in and get ready for a ride full of ups, downs, twist and turns - ok so I have never ridden a roller coaster before either (always too big) - but it is looking like I will be on one now.  Email me - ask me anything...I love to talk so hopefully you all will provide me with some good advice and a swift kick in the a$$ to keep it going.  Love ya!


  1. Hi Dee! Welcome to blogland! You have come to a good place my dear.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog this a.m. I will get back to you because my brain is fried from the weekend and I want respond properly so I will get back to you for sure.

  2. Hey Dee!!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today...I just signed up on yours!! I'm happy to give any advice I can as you asked...you're welcome to email me anytime if you have any questions. I'm not too blog savvy, but my friend Pam is, so hopefully one of us can help you figure things out...looks like it's going GREAT so far!! I'm glad to hear you've decided to change your life...you're so worth it. :) I wasn't able to fit into roller coasters for about 20 years. I just got to go to Six Flags and ride ALL the rides last Fall. My boyfriend wants to do it again this fall...woo hoo!!! And the exercise is a fantastic idea, even if you just start out walking. I started out walking 15 mins at a time on the treadmill in my fitness center...that's all I could do. Now I can walk about 6 miles pretty easily. You can do it too girl....so glad you're ready! Again...email me anytime. I'm always willing to help those who are willing to help themselves. :)

  3. Saw your comments on a couple of blogs I follow and thought I would say "Hi". Your blog looks great so far and I'm glad you've decided to join the ranks of all us trying to lose weight and get healthy! Welcome!

  4. Thanks everyone for the support it is always great to have an outlet and to have someone who understands. I can pretty much say everyone of my friends are all in shape and don't really understand what I am trying to accomplish. I knew nothing of blogging (knew of it - just not what it had to offer). I am hoping I get the hang of this and stick too it. Again thanks and love to hear from ya! Love ya!

  5. Hey Dee! You're definitely in the right place! I was reading todays post by in[FAT]uation and saw that you had commented and mentioned you'd just started a weight-loss blog and that you're quite new to it so I thought I'd stop by.

    I'm so glad I did! "ok please don't leave - I know you are asking yourself why do I care?" - It's refreshing to find this kind of funny honesty in bloggers and I've got a feeling I'm going to like following your progress ^_^

    You mentioned that you intend to blog daily, that's exactly what I do (well I only actually started my new blog 10 days ago too but for what it's worth, I've posted daily!), and it's exactly what I was going to recommend - I think keeping a blog up to date on a journey like this by posting daily certainly gives you somewhere to anchor your thoughts and keep you on track - Good luck!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Welcome to the weight-loss-bloggosphere. :) You'll find lots of support here, so stick around, stick to it and stick it to the fat! :)


  7. Welcome :-) That thing about how we don't care? I've struggled with that before too. But then I realized that the reason I love reading other peoples' weight loss blogs is because it is a journey. And THAT is interesting. It's why people watch movies and read books. We love to hear a story. And we want the story to end well. That's why we're all here to cheer you on.


  8. Hi Dee!
    I enjoyed reading your post, and have signed up! Can't wait for the next one!


  9. Hello Dee!

    It took a lot of courage and determination to put your journey out here. I have lost over a hundred pounds, and am still only about halfway to goal, so I know how it feels to have a long way to go.

    But you are on your way. Stick to the basics: self-honesty, consistency, determination, and never, never EVER quit. It doesn't matter how you feel... feelings come and go. Just make a deal with yourself, that no matter what you will always keep going. Period.

    See... it's not about the food. Not really. It's about how we handle life, without resorting to the food. It's about facing our stuff, not stuffing our face.

    Food plans are great. Exercise is terrific. But you can't do with exercise what you don't do with the food.

    And you can't do with the food what you don't do with managing emotions healthily.

    For permanent wt loss, the change needs to come from the inside out. And no gettin around it, that takes time and effort. But it is sooo worth it.

    There are so many wonderful people on this journey, and they are so generous with sharing their hard won experience and wisdom. Welcome to the wonderful world of weight-loss Blogosphere!


  10. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging - you'll be hooked before you know it!

    TaeBo was one of my favorite videos in the 90s!

  11. :) new and exciting times. the blogging community is awesome. huzzah for starting a blog <3