Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Full Steam Ahead!

Well tonight it will be short and sweet as I am heading to bed early today....looking forward to it actually.  I was good today same as the others up early for the same walk with the dogs (love the cool crisp air in the mornings - it will be even prettier once the leaves start to change colors).  I also did my 10 wall push ups and in addition I even went to my nephews baseball practice today and instead of sitting and watching him I walked three times around the park!!!  I think 4 times around is a mile but I am not sure.  Yeah go me....menu for today is as follows

Breakfast - A scrambled egg, slice of wheat toast w/ butter, glass of OJ & some strawberries
Lunch - Turkey Sandwich with Lettuce, little bit of cottage cheese and some baked cheetos
Snack - Baby Carrots & FF/Low Call Ranch Dip
Dinner - beef cubes over rice with some broccoli and cauliflower. 
Snack - FF/sugar free chocolate pudding - I LOVE PUDDING!!!

Woohoo bed before 12...what am I ever to do....nighty night all!


  1. mmmmm... scrambled eggs *nom nom nom*
    *high fives* on all the walking and not sitting! wtg!

  2. Mmm... I was just thinking I might have scrambled eggs for dinner today!!

    I have nominated you for an award on my blog today:

    No pressure if you don't do them, but just know I was thinking of you. :-)


  3. You're doing great with the food choices this week. Also, way to go at the park today.

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  5. I am putting together a post to answer some of your questions. I am sorry for the late reply! Hope you are doing okay.

  6. mmm sounds like a good menu. I am new and am enjoying looking at your blog. I am now following. I am such an early bird. Always in bed before 10 lol. Please feel free to pop by my blog some time. I'd love a new follower


  7. So I put together a post called Blogging 101 and hopefully it helps you with the blog. Of course if you have any questions you can email me. My email addy is katiejisonherway@gmail.com