Tuesday, September 14, 2010

5:45 AM - Yes this time really does exist!

Well up again early this morning - not as easy as I thought.  Ten years ago this was when I was getting home from a wonderful evening out and sleeping for 3 hours and then I would get ready for work.  Oh crewl - crewl time..what have you done!  As soon as I heard the alarm though I stood right up out of bed - I could not do much of anything else at that point put I knew if I stood up there was no turning back (for my husband the standing up thing took a little bit of time).  Same thing as yesterday another 1.25 miles recorded for a great morning walk.  The dogs are loving this - they have a huge yard to run in and do it all the time, but put those harnesses on them and you would think they were off to the races.  Menu today was as follows

Breakfast - A scrambled egg, slice of wheat toast w/ butter, glass of OJ & some pineapple
Lunch - Tuna on a bed of lettuce with some broccoli and FF italian dressing & finished the pineapple
Snack - Baby Carrots & FF/Low Call Ranch Dip
Dinner - Ham, Mashed Potato & Carrots (used I can't believe it's not butter spray - LOVE IT)

So I went shopping because we needed some good food and also I needed a pair of shorts to wear for my before pics to post.  I have not owned a pair of shorts in probably 15 years or more.  We went to Catherines and here in PA it is really not shorts weather now so trying to find a pair was damn near impossible.  The lovely lady who works there though said I think I have a pair in the back and wait for it boys and girls...........................she came out from the back with a wonderful pair of white knit shorts.  I am not a white clothes person either....LOL....I am accident prone as my husband says!!!  So needless to say I am going to be rockin those wonderful white shorts for a photo shoot soon.  Trust me the shorts below look so much better than what I am about to try and pull off!!  GO ME!!!

I again did some push ups against the wall (I can really feel those in my back and my back of my arms when I do them).  I did 10 of them twice today - 'go me' a total of 20 for the day.  I also started taking a Women's One A Day pill for some vitamins.  I also made some FF/Sugar Free chocolate pudding with some skim milk today for tomorrow's snack.   Thanks again everyone for reading and sending me messages it really does help even it is a word or two.  Will touch base tomorrow.....good night!


  1. Yey! You are doing great! I'm an early riser and by that I mean on days at the office my alarm goes off at 3:30 am. I've been doing it for years and years, so I'm used to it. Some days mornings are killers though. I will probably take some before pictures this weekend too. No white shorts for me thought. I'll leave those bad boys to you! Seriously, great start.

  2. You really are off to a great start! I LOVE the buttery spray...we grill a lot of veggies and then spritz them with that....delicious!! I think I am gonna have to start doing those wall push ups..never thought of that before, thanks!

  3. Looking good! I'm quite tempted to get myself a dog now, it might be cheaper than gym membership >_>

  4. The dogs truly do keep us active. When we don't feel like going for a walk we just think it's for them....I will have to put up some pics soon. I have a puggle (pug beagle mix) and a jug (jack russel/pug mix).....they are so funny!

  5. are you really sure that time exists? I aint ever seen it....

    me and shorts just arent friends. no love. hatred. bah.