Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Full Steam Ahead!

Well tonight it will be short and sweet as I am heading to bed early today....looking forward to it actually.  I was good today same as the others up early for the same walk with the dogs (love the cool crisp air in the mornings - it will be even prettier once the leaves start to change colors).  I also did my 10 wall push ups and in addition I even went to my nephews baseball practice today and instead of sitting and watching him I walked three times around the park!!!  I think 4 times around is a mile but I am not sure.  Yeah go me....menu for today is as follows

Breakfast - A scrambled egg, slice of wheat toast w/ butter, glass of OJ & some strawberries
Lunch - Turkey Sandwich with Lettuce, little bit of cottage cheese and some baked cheetos
Snack - Baby Carrots & FF/Low Call Ranch Dip
Dinner - beef cubes over rice with some broccoli and cauliflower. 
Snack - FF/sugar free chocolate pudding - I LOVE PUDDING!!!

Woohoo bed before 12...what am I ever to do....nighty night all!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

5:45 AM - Yes this time really does exist!

Well up again early this morning - not as easy as I thought.  Ten years ago this was when I was getting home from a wonderful evening out and sleeping for 3 hours and then I would get ready for work.  Oh crewl - crewl time..what have you done!  As soon as I heard the alarm though I stood right up out of bed - I could not do much of anything else at that point put I knew if I stood up there was no turning back (for my husband the standing up thing took a little bit of time).  Same thing as yesterday another 1.25 miles recorded for a great morning walk.  The dogs are loving this - they have a huge yard to run in and do it all the time, but put those harnesses on them and you would think they were off to the races.  Menu today was as follows

Breakfast - A scrambled egg, slice of wheat toast w/ butter, glass of OJ & some pineapple
Lunch - Tuna on a bed of lettuce with some broccoli and FF italian dressing & finished the pineapple
Snack - Baby Carrots & FF/Low Call Ranch Dip
Dinner - Ham, Mashed Potato & Carrots (used I can't believe it's not butter spray - LOVE IT)

So I went shopping because we needed some good food and also I needed a pair of shorts to wear for my before pics to post.  I have not owned a pair of shorts in probably 15 years or more.  We went to Catherines and here in PA it is really not shorts weather now so trying to find a pair was damn near impossible.  The lovely lady who works there though said I think I have a pair in the back and wait for it boys and girls...........................she came out from the back with a wonderful pair of white knit shorts.  I am not a white clothes person either....LOL....I am accident prone as my husband says!!!  So needless to say I am going to be rockin those wonderful white shorts for a photo shoot soon.  Trust me the shorts below look so much better than what I am about to try and pull off!!  GO ME!!!

I again did some push ups against the wall (I can really feel those in my back and my back of my arms when I do them).  I did 10 of them twice today - 'go me' a total of 20 for the day.  I also started taking a Women's One A Day pill for some vitamins.  I also made some FF/Sugar Free chocolate pudding with some skim milk today for tomorrow's snack.   Thanks again everyone for reading and sending me messages it really does help even it is a word or two.  Will touch base tomorrow.....good night!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Early Morning - Longer Day

What a great day - and I feel good about it. 

It started with a early morning alarm and up and got the dogs out to potty.  Woke up the husband and ironed his clothes for work.  We then took a walk (1.25 miles - 2x around the block) with the doggies this morning around the neighborhood.  We plotted out the distance the night before so we can see how far we were going.  Once our walk was finished it was home and I made and egg for each of us, one slice of wheat toast, glass of OJ and a banana.  I can honestly say it was very weird eating breakfast.  That has not happened in I can't tell you how long.  Nice though to have time in the morning to sit down with the hubby and talk (it's not all rush - rush - rush).  After eating I did 10 push ups against the wall (harder than I thought) and then it was shower time for us both.  Husband off to work......I then started work.  I felt more awake than I have in a while - even with getting up early. 

Lunch was a bit tricky because we have not had a chance to go out shopping as of yet, but I did have a Smart One in the freezer (Weight Watchers Meal).  So I made the Smart One and had a salad (fat free dressing and basically just broccoli and lettuce - no shopping yet) with it and a glass of diet/caffeine free pepsi.  Then I went back to work and once finished a massive storm rolled through with hail the size of dimes and quarters (wish it was actual money falling from the sky).  The lightening and thunder that followed was pretty wicked.  I LOVE storms - of course when there is no chance no one will be affected or get hurt. 

Dinner I had planned I had a boneless skinless chicken breast that I pounded out and grilled and then I stemmed the rest of the broccoli I had and had it with some rice.   So I will be heading off to bed soon as I will be getting up early again tomorrow.  The daily actually feels a lot longer and I loved it.  I finished work earlier...it was like I did not know what to do with myself. 

I will post again tomorrow and will be posting some pics before the end of the week.  Thanks again everyone for the feed back so far and for the kind and uplifting words. 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The best exercise for the heart is to bend over and help another up!

Well just a short post for this evening.  Tomorrow is the beginning.  VERY EXCITED

I really do believe in the title of my blog so if anyone ever needs anything you just let me know.  In the short time I have started blogging the posts and notes have boosted my spirits and have pushed me to wanna be better.  Thanks everyone and I look forward to posting my journey.  Here is to a new me and a wonderful new life.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Rollin with my homies!

Well let's just say I am probably getting it all out of system now before Monday because oh my what a day today.  First I sleep in - what a great feeling that was.  I had all intentions of closing my pool today - did not get that done.  Cleaned a little..woohoo showing a little motivation and then it was time to get ready for some football.  My husband and I got ready for the Notre Dame/Michigan game and my girlfriend came over to watch with us.  I made some home made potato pancakes (oh how I will miss you for a while) and my husband made his pizza (oh dear Jesus it might take me three weeks to walk) and then we retired to the couch for a very disappointing Notre Dame loss. 

So our friend left all smiles as she is a Michigan fan....well it was either leave or we were going to throw her in the pool (just kidding we love her).  My husband and I figured to drown our sorrows we would treat ourselves to Rita's (Italian Ice - YUMMY).  I came home and was thinking about heading down the casino for a while to basically walk around but I figured I would post first - I was reading a few blogs and I was just realizing how much I can't wait to start Monday and to start logging about my journey.  Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend so far. Take Care & Love Ya!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Night and two more days to go!

Well it's Friday night (well I guess actually Saturday morning) but I am just stopping by to say a little hello.  Two more days and I truly am very excited about Monday morning.  Nothing much new to report here...just getting everything in order and that is pretty much it. 

My husband and I went to a local high school football game with my neice & nephew and my father this evening.  We had a great time - even though we got pounded.  My neice (9) and my nephew (12) love the social aspect of the game....they never sit a second to watch the game.   I remember those days and loved every minute of it. 

Though there was a disturbing part this year - they had a stand selling deep fried oreos and other deep fried fatty crap (Twinkies/Candy/Funnel Cakes).  I thought we had an obesity problem....how can a school district just bring that kind of crap to an event (which celebrates the youth getting off their a$$es and doing something besides watch TV or play video games).  We should be embracing the athletes and giving them an 'adda boy' for getting out there and playing.  I am not saying don't sell pizza or a hot dog here an there but do we really need that kind of crap there. 

I guess it is just me ranting....and trust me even before my whole thought of getting healthier I always thought the schools served garbage and weren't worried about what they were putting in the kids.  They are just worried about how much they are spending on it and (in relation to the games) can I make a buck on it.  I am down off my soap box.....thanks god I am not sure if that bad boy was going to hold me any longer *LOL* 

As always more to follow and I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe evening. 

To the world we may only be a somebody - but to somebody we may just be the world.  Sweet dreams!  Love Ya!  ~

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

T Minus 5 days and Counting - New Me!!

So ok second day of blogging this is already starting to seem like I made a wonderful decision.  I am very excited about starting and my husband is very supportive.  So it is official - Monday September 13th will be the first official day of the new me.  I have a lot of planning to do to get ready.

My husband and I are going to go out and buy a new tank top and new shorts for my fat pics (and no I don't mean PHAT - as the f in that word just stands for fabulous *LOL*).  I have already started making meal plans for the week - which I am believing I am going to save a lot of money just buying what I NEED and not what I WANT!!!  This will also start a new sleep cycle - no more up all night snacking and watching TV.  I will be hitting the hay at a decent time and up in the mornings for a walk with husband and the dogs.  I have never approached this with such excitement and I know it has a lot to do with just my first blog here and the comments and seeing everyone elses accomplishments.  So since I am really just getting everything in order at this point I think it a great stepping stone to give you guys a little insight into who I am.

I am a 32-year-old married female with two wonderful dogs.  No children yet, but not for a lack of trying - Docs think that the weight is playing a big part.  So I am not only starting this journey for myself, but for my children to be and for my husband - who I would love to give the best present in the world. I have been working at starting something like this for a while.  I was a smoker (1 1/2 packs a day) and I am very heavy (maybe soon I will get up the courage to put my weight in writing - did not realize that would be as hard as it is).  I wanted to change my life and needed to either start the diet or quit smoking.  So I chose to quit smoking first and I am proud to say I have not had a smoke in 2 years.  With that kicked and pretty much an after thought I am now turning to my weight.....yay go me!  I have been heavy all my life and have been on many diets which worked for a time and then did not.  I am a very happy go lucky person who has always been outgoing and I have never hidden who I was....I always laughed at myself and really had no problems.  Of course I have come across a ton of cruel  people in my life but with my sense of humor I was usually able to shrug them off with no problem.  They would actually get more pissed that their words were not affecting me.  *LOL*  My biggest issue and toughest obstacle believe it or not has been with my husband.  Not with my husband - but with what others have said.  My husband is a good looking man which I have heard so many people say oh he must be a chubby chaser - no people the truth is he dated the cheerleaders (skinny cute chicks) - he was captain of his basketball team (state champions) - captain of his baseball team - played sports all through college and this beautiful comedian just had much more to offer!  (well it helps I love to cook too....*LOL*).  I love music and we would go out all the time to see bands and woman would actually come up to him (though he would be holding my hand or dancing with me) and start talking like I was not there and how many girls I have overheard say you have to see the girl he is with - you should go talk to him because there is no way he would chose her over you (they were wrong again).  He really is a wonderful guy and it takes a strong man to put up with all that and never once has he asked me to change......he is truly the best person EVER - I will not let him read this part or I will have to widen the doorways in my house because his head would not fit through.  Wow if you guys are still reading I thank you so much!!!  You are a trooper! 

So to continue pretty much for the rest of this week and it is go time....time to make a work out schedule, plan meals ahead and clean out all the old crap that is in the cabinets.  That's right boys and girls, me being the sporty chick that I am, I am cleaning out the cabinets and I am going to hold a one-on-one basketball game with my husband or even a good game of HORSE, however, the basketball will be the cookies, cupcakes, chips etc...  I know I can beat him and will keep you posted. 

Well I am off to bed and hopefully I will get some sleep tonight.  Last night I could not fall asleep because I was pretty much thinking about blogging and getting started on this journey.  Thanks already for the support I have received - Sweet Dreams - Love Ya!~