Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Night and two more days to go!

Well it's Friday night (well I guess actually Saturday morning) but I am just stopping by to say a little hello.  Two more days and I truly am very excited about Monday morning.  Nothing much new to report here...just getting everything in order and that is pretty much it. 

My husband and I went to a local high school football game with my neice & nephew and my father this evening.  We had a great time - even though we got pounded.  My neice (9) and my nephew (12) love the social aspect of the game....they never sit a second to watch the game.   I remember those days and loved every minute of it. 

Though there was a disturbing part this year - they had a stand selling deep fried oreos and other deep fried fatty crap (Twinkies/Candy/Funnel Cakes).  I thought we had an obesity problem....how can a school district just bring that kind of crap to an event (which celebrates the youth getting off their a$$es and doing something besides watch TV or play video games).  We should be embracing the athletes and giving them an 'adda boy' for getting out there and playing.  I am not saying don't sell pizza or a hot dog here an there but do we really need that kind of crap there. 

I guess it is just me ranting....and trust me even before my whole thought of getting healthier I always thought the schools served garbage and weren't worried about what they were putting in the kids.  They are just worried about how much they are spending on it and (in relation to the games) can I make a buck on it.  I am down off my soap box.....thanks god I am not sure if that bad boy was going to hold me any longer *LOL* 

As always more to follow and I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe evening. 

To the world we may only be a somebody - but to somebody we may just be the world.  Sweet dreams!  Love Ya!  ~

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  1. Deep fried oreos really? REALLY? no need! seriously none. grrrrrrr! When will we learn